Arrow keys to change direction, and C to pause! Eat those lil pellets and avoid your body full of snacks!

I made a minimalist snake clone in Pico-8 as basically my first proper game! I did my own thing without using references beyond memory, so it's not an exact clone as much as a personal recreation. Also I guess it's in space!

I may come back to update this in minor ways, some listed here:

  • Add sound effects and maybe a title screen track
  • Make it so time actually stops when paused
  • Not sure if I'm satisfied with turning one direction twice, might tweak it so you can't die by turning around like that
  • Make the screen-wrap effect smoother
  • Make the embed look nicer in

And there you have it! For now, this is what it is and I'm happy with it. I hope you enjoy. :3


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